What happened to taylor rain

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You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. I know she got into some directing but nothing definitive. Thanks What is Taylor Rain up to?? She's probably smoking a spliff right now. Nothing says romance like anal sex. What is Taylor Rain up to?? Dances at the Oasis in Philly.

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Scott Fayner says he isn't the what happened to taylor rain. Fayner's dog died. Cheers guys, I always liked her - She's got that "up for anything" air about her What is Taylor Rain up to?? I agree with the sentiments. Taylor always looked like she was doing porn just for kicks and to fund her dope fuelled easy going life. She makes what happened to taylor rain think of Bridget Fonda's surfer girl character in 'Jackie Brown.

I wish her well in her new life and if she's off drugs and bringing up baby all the better. She should definitely be in the porn hall of fame,she was a great fuck and a great exponent of anal, also she was open to her body being used and abused for sexual purposes in anyway. It was a real shame she never did more than one double anal scene. The scenes where she was on all fours digging out her ass with all the fingers she could posibly fit in were the classic Taylor Rain moments for me.

At least she left all those great scenes behind so many in such a short timebut if it help's her get her life together then good for her and I wish her all the luck in the world. Getting clean can be a matter of life or Meth. I hope the kid helps her see the light. I knew she enjoyed grass, but not to the extent that is being painted here. She's one of my all time top girls, au-natural body, cute tits, nice pussy and ass and girl next door closet sluttyness. She churned out a lot of kick ass scenes and wish her all the best. She's definately given me some happy moments What is Taylor Rain up to??

Thanks for that update. I always hoped that she would get off drugs. From reading her blog, it sounds like she is doing great. However, it also sounds like she is still around a bunch of people that still use. That sounds like playing with fire. Hopefully, she will stick to it though, and I am sure the baby gives her the incentive to stay clean. I know why she didn't ever do IR and that's a performer's choice but I'd like to have seen her going at it with guys like Lex Steele and Sean Michaels. Taylor was my alltime favorite and it was a sad day when she retired.

Her scene in Baker's Dozen 2 may be the best porn scene of all time. Finally found a recent pic of her with her daughter on her Facebook. Her face is a little fatter and her hair is different, but she's still a milf for sure. She always had such a great looking butthole! I personally have always thought that anal sex is highly overrated, but Taylor is one of the only girls that, if I was given the choice of sticking it in her ass or her pussy, I think I would have to choose the ass!

Guys, Look what Taylor was tweeting recently?

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Does it mean, that she is coming back to the biz. Does someone here has any info? Before she has written in her twitter that she will not stay away forever. The news is that Taylor had her boobies done, if you know what I mean. Too bad! She was so cute. From her blog: September 14th, :Soooo much going on this last week!!! Going to nap now, I promise to fill everybody in on my week soon : Im gonna do it! September 4th, After lots of thinking and taking everyones opinions into consideration…I decided to get my boobie done.

Like I said before Im not going huge. Maybe a large b cup. I dont want to look like a crazy blow up doll stripper HAHA. I really hope no ones tooo disapointed in me: I just want to do it to make myself feel better.

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For all fans of What happened to taylor rain Rain. This is first photos of her new tits. Hey Guys. Does anyone knows something new about Taylor. Or i'm the only one who is in for this topic : What is Taylor Rain up to?? She is probably busy caring for her child who would be turning 3 this year. I read on the Freeones board that she took an online correspondence course to be a real estate agent and she recently earned her certificate.

The Luke Ford gossip blog said in February that her official website was shut down. But I checked, it is open now and seems to have recent updates to the candid photo section. But I don't know what they look like because I am not a member of her site. She hasn't posted in her personal blog since her boob job. She deleted her twittertoo. Before Jenna Haze, this was my favorite petite anal queen. Loved her look and hotness. If someone have any new pic it would be nice to share with us : What is Taylor Rain up to??

Niiiiiiiiice What is Taylor Rain up to?? Negrodamus says: She shall return So is totally perfect for a cumback! Really like d TR. Jenna has left the building so its really about time Taylor what happened to taylor rain I am so glad to hear that. I used to feel sad when I'd see her in some BTS and she came across as possibly not that bright and definitely very, very stoned. She came across much better in some other BTS. Anyway, glad to hear she is doing well, post-porn.

By accident, I saw her selling houses. It was a total surprise. I wish her the best. NO WAY!!! Link to this post. Please see Where to Shop for adult movie shops and porn download sites. Eurobabe Index. Posted - Mar 28 : AM I have been out of the scene for a while and was wondering where she's gone. Posted - Mar 28 : PM She's probably smoking a spliff right now. Posted - Mar 28 : PM nah, no more spliffs, she started going to Narcotics Anonymous in and quit all the drugs. Posted - Mar 28 : PM Fayner's dog died. Posted - Apr 3 : AM I can't remember who wrote it or where I read it, but it was one of the more astute observations I've ever read from a critic on any subject.

To paraphrase, this person wrote that Taylor Rain was a performer who wasn't so much up for anything but rather up for anything that you'd want to do to her. While this comment was meant as a criticism, he preferred more active participation, I felt it captured the essence of what makes Taylor Rain one of the all time greats--her passivity fit perfectly with her personality and her body.

Posted - Apr 3 : AM I agree with the sentiments. Posted - Apr 3 : PM At least she left all those great scenes behind so many in such a short timebut if it help's her get her life together then good for her and I wish her all the luck in the world. Posted - Apr 3 : PM I knew she enjoyed grass, but not to the extent that is being painted here. Posted - Apr 3 : PM That is an incredible comparison. Two girls one a character in a movie that push my buttons in a major way, and both with a similar attitude.

I never saw the similarity until now.

What happened to taylor rain

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How About Taylor Rain Being Some Hotshot Realtor In LA Now?