Virtual date sex game

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How to Play Sex Game: This content can be viewed on a desktop computer or on mobile devices that support Adobe Flash Player in browser. Welcome to virtual date with Kim To go through different scenes in the sex game free, click on any specific place on the screen or just anywhere depending on the situation.

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To go through the dialog, you need to click on one of the choices at the bottom of the screen. One of them is obviously wrong, the other two tones will lead to different branching routes. More on this later. To go through many sex scenes, hold the mouse button over the hotspot.

You will see a panel at the bottom. Once it is fully filled, you will proceed to the next part. You can give Kim a little rest by releasing the mouse.

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More on different parts and the many branching paths of the story …. Branching paths … The first head of the restaurant will be divided into two parts.

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Each of the following chapters will also be divided into two parts. The game has total 4 ends with multiple levels based on the conversations you make at the restaurant. Each of these four options has a few sexy scenes everyone! Try to find all the endings by exploring the different conversation options.

One of the options isdefinitely wrong and you will hear Kim calling you when you pick it. The other two will lead to different paths. HIT: One of the options is good, the other disobedient. Find the template. Category: Interactive. Tags: Christies Roomvirtual porn game. Our sex games blog features one of the latest collection of flash adult games. Get full access to the best xxx flash games on the Playsexygame.

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Virtual date sex game

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