Slave trainer game

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The player will still be able to build brothels, own slaves, train them and everything else currently in the game but those will all be options rather than requirements. Its basic right now, but it has thousands of possible unique lines. There will be a more combat oriented sex system added later.

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Version 0. In preparation for 0. The code will be on the patreon post and you can input the code at the sex act selection screen. Characters will also properly have their old sexual stats transferred into the new ones. It will increase the amount of pleasure they give during sex. Check my Twitter for updates!

The first is masculinization, which is basically the opposite of sissification. Since they are polar opposites, training one will lower the other. Chivalry has been added. Cattling has also been added.

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This training type will train slaves to be breeding slaves. It increases slave fertility. The new training system was finally added. Active systems are great but since there is so much clicking and reading the same passages over and over involved it became more tedious than anything.

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The new training system can be reached through the facilities menu from the main Estate UI. You can also upgrade the training facility to have more trainers to work with. Slave trainers cannot train slaves unless they are obedient and are trained in the discipline they are teaching. The player can teach any slave any discipline as long as they slave reaches the requirement to be taught.

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Hopefully people will enjoy this system more so I can move forwards with transferring hypnosis to this system too. Instead of waiting for a to load, changes will happen on the right away. The UI has been updated for the estate, making it like the brothel UI.

Development should go a lot quicker with the modernizations out of the way. Orcs can only breed with humans, giants and of course orcs. Humans, whether male or female, can breed with any race. The compendium is updated for all the races, as well as the compatible races on the chattel screen. So a male human breeding with a female holstaur can have both minataur and holstaur offspring. The compendium was updated to add a lot more hidden information. The player can finally work at the brothel. The cheat code system can be toggled from the options menu.

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Cheats can only be used at the main screen. The effects duties have on slaves and brothels have changed. Now consorting duties affect how popular a slave is.

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The more a slave consorts with the customers, the more personal popularity they gain. The more slaves prostitutes themselves, the more customers they will serve during the week. If you want a very effective protection force you can work them hard but they will exhaust very easily. Job scenes for attendants, hosts and open brothel prostitutes have been added. Instead of granting higher sensitivities they grant skill experience.

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FST 0. Changes 0. Changes compendium nature section added mood section added cheat code section added cheats cheat system created gold cheat added player restoration cheat added slave restoration cheat added bugs NaN endweek tempfix added Download Link Version 0. OG Fiction. Blog at WordPress. Loading Comments Name Website.

Slave trainer game

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