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Flight to Freedom is a role playing game in which users step into the character of Lucy, a 14 year old slave, as she attempts to run away to the north to escape slavery. Flight to Freedom is a simulation of slavery meant to give students an interactive look into history. Thus, consequences. The game is full of these moments. Playing it safe, I chose to stay quiet. I was rewarded with…. If you want to create a role playing game about history, fine. Do it. But choose moments in history that are not about the rape, beating, slage game, mutilation and murder of a people.

Do we really need to step into those shoes anymore than we have already? Let me be clear in saying that learning about this time in history is necessary, but doing so in a role playing game is not appropriate. Simulation is almost impossible to do ethically, which is why so many people end up being fired for missteps in this area.

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