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A terrible year for us file sharers. GoodOldDownlo gone, various oldwarez and console sites, We all preserve that hope. This year seems that will end without decent websites to download games but future times will bring us new competitors :.

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Fitgirlrepack is great but I can't use this site safely in my country as its only torrents. Damn, another bites the dust. Really sad news indeed, igg is posting and ing shit games that arent even properly cracked and dosent gives a fck about comments, i have started using Worldofpcgames, they really tend to comments and helps guys over discord, i am beginning to like it. Just checked out this site on my phone. It had "God of War for PC. Thanks for the recommendation friend, I've been growing tired of IGG and it was usually my go-to, but I'll go ahead and give worldofpcgames a go.

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I appreciate their work, just the adds bugs me, but they posted in their news channel to completely remove the pops, would love to see that happen. How the fuck is this upvoted so much. Site is full of viruses and has "adult" section? Come on, clear trash site. Posted by Pirate Party. Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community.

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Even some legends. Continue this thread. Goodbye HentaiHaven. Pirate Party. Still there are websites like ovagames available. SkidRow is still the best out there.

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Thank for the recommend, will check it out. Why are there so many sites shutting down recently? More posts from the Piracy community. A community dedicated to the discussion of digital piracy. Created Sep 20, Top posts december 26th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

Pc games download reddit

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Best safe and virus free website to download games for free?