Mom trainer game

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First Prev 8 of 9 Go to. ed Jun 21, Messages Reputation score Re: Trainer Games black said:. Done, maybe some small changes here and there but is done. Feel free to correct my engrish. ed May 25, Messages Reputation score Updated the first.

This will work for now until we find a better solution. Raijin Jungle Girl. ed Sep 5, Messages 12 Reputation score 3. Re: Trainer Games Hi there, thanks for updating this thread, I could realize that Jasbro isn't in your list so here you go. Downlo : Game mega.

Last edited: Aug 22, Re: Trainer Games Raijin said:. Hi there, thanks for updating this thread, I could realize that Jasbro isn't in your list so here you go. NaoSoul Tentacle God. ed Feb 13, Messages Reputation score Actually the game is complete and not abbandoned, the author is just "satisfied" on how the game looks like. At first impression seams to contains a LOT more management than pytfall, seams very complicated. I like it, but i'll not have time to test mom trainer game untill 4 or 5 days, sorry. Re: Trainer Games NaoSoul said:. Frankly, Jasbro doesn't have a lot of content.

The first 15 minutes you already seen everything the game has to offer. You just rinse and repeat at increasing s. If the dev is satisfied with that, oh well.

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It has no particular plotline or any sort of player intreaction. You just munch s and micromanage. SexualPandas Demon Girl. ed Jul 31, Messages 25 Reputation score 2. Re: Trainer Games Time to revive this thread with some updates. SuperPowered You must be registered to see the links.

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Last edited: Jan 7, Omnikuken Tentacle God. ed Jul 14, Messages 2, Reputation score Re: Trainer Games Omnikuken said:. ed Sep 30, Messages 15 Reputation score 9. Re: Trainer Games Don't forget about us! We're developing Four Elements Trainer, a trainer set in the Avatar universe that has both love and slave routes.

Book 1 with Katara is complete and we're currently developing Book 2 with Azula which also includes Ty Lee, Mai, and several original characters. Monthly releases, always packed with new content, released for free.

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The current build version 0. It has several hours of playtime and lots of animated h-scenes. H-Section Moderator. ed Nov 17, Messages 9, Reputation score 21, Re: Trainer Games pffff, should've started with Toph. You'd have all the monies. ed Sep 16, Messages 7 Reputation score 0.

Another upcomming trainer game is Orange Trainer, just got a pre alpha realese. RealKorra Demon Girl Pro. ed Jul 21, Mom trainer game Reputation score ed Jan 9, Messages Reputation score Re: Trainer Games Oiran Rouge have transalator or wiki? ed Apr 26, Messages 77 Reputation score Re: Trainer Games Just came across this game, it has a bunch of trainer elements as well. You must be registered to see the links.

Didn't try it - Their patreon post that explain the lack of updates: You must be registered to see the links. Spoiler Slavemaker: - Updated download link for version 3. Jack-o-nine-tails: - Modded version 1. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Any good slave games?? Replies 1 Views 3K. Aug 1, nacturnalshit. Passion of Slave Princess. Replies 15 Views 14K. Jan 3, killzone Slave training game where slaves could turn against and dominate their master. Rooreo Apr 11, Replies 0 Views Apr 11, Rooreo.

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Mom trainer game

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