Incest story game walkthrough

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Pastebin API tools faq. up. Jan 8th, Not a member of Pastebin yet? Upit unlocks many cool features! Incest Story 1 — Walkthrough. Start by collecting from every room in your house as well, especially the Garage through the kitchen. Collecting everything from every house in the main map at the very beginning of game.

Before moving on to the next quest I would recommend farming for money and supplies or use the alternative below. As you accumulate money you buy new armour clothing and weapons and sell the extras to make money faster. I recommend using special attack on larger groups and painkillers to extend you time before you need to rest.

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Once you have enough Exp, weapons and clothes, you can farm in the basement to fight larger groups and get money faster. Load Save File 2 can be downloaded from the same f95zone post where this walkthrough came from. This file was saved at the end of Quest 3 without starting any other quests, and it has done most of the grinding for you.

I personally began playing here and had no difficulty. You get an UZI better gun, but not the best during quest 7, and it's easy to save money for the bigger items. Also you. Make sure you have ample First Aid and Water just in case, you will not be able to go home to rest. Once past Aunts House, head south to the next area, you should then see Manhole with marker.

Don't let Tom die. He's probably weaker than you, and enemies target him first, so heal him when you need to. When you enter compound, after you murder the cop, head into the second top East building. Head up through the hallways to get key card on a table in the corner at the very end. Before you go in, there's a cop there that incest story game walkthrough move towards you.

You can let him catch you to fight he's only a little. You have to murder the TSA guard to get the bags he has a high chance to drop an UZI gun, so if you need that and don't. When finished head to the store and sell all your weapons. Quest 9 will make you lose your weapons anyways, so you. You lose all your items, but you will get everything back in the end except your weapons. From the lobby, don't go out the entrance, and enter the door at the top right.

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You don't get your gun back, but you get a knife that is somehow as powerful as a shotgun. You won't lose your weapons again, so you can farm for a big gun now or buy a smaller one and wait to save money. If you didn't already grind for a gun, I recommend fighting all encounters because the dogs have a chance to drop. SAVE before you enter the room with the sister recommend using a different save slot if you choose not to risk it.

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Nicole will see you if you risk it, but there are no negative outcomes, so you probably want to risk it. But even if you select not to risk it, you can still see the alternate outcome in the Replay Gallery. Talk to her for a scene there's an option, and you can check the different out comes in the Replay Gallery. You can run from fights to save time, or fight to get easy money nothing can hurt you with your armor now. There is a clothing store that has unique strong items at the beach.

Ask people if they've seen dad. Ask the man in front of the store, police in front of east house, man on the corner by. Last one you ask will tell you to search the beach. Except for the 1st one the fights are avoidable, but I would fight all if you still need better weapons. They shouldn't. Actually this is the best new place to farm money because they drop good amount of cash, and have moderate drops for the. Once inside locate the formula in one of the green cabinets you see right when you walk in, incest story game walkthrough all the way at the top.

Kill the security guard to keep those murders rolling; pretty sure you qualify as a serial killer now.

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Look for car key inside, go through the door in front of you and look in the light brown dresser. Leave the beach, change into your clothes and head North West, to the footpath in the very top left corner. Wolves have a rare chance to drop the Golden Shotgun, so I wouldn't avoid battling unless you already have a better gun.

Holy crap, you're about to add stealing a freaking house to your list of crimes. Go to landlord's house past the police station, house with double doors on the right side of Blondie's area. Head back to the top floor and the key card is in the first room, looks like a red box.

You're already getting the death penalty if you get arrested so things can't get worse. Have a shower in the bathroom downstairs, entrance located in the sitting room with the TV. This quest is optional and has no incest. You can play it any time by clicking the marker on your TV. Talk to each rapist and murder them this one is okay because it's in defense, right?

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I recommend saving here so that you may be able to visit the replay gallery in the future. Public Pastes. YAML 31 min ago AutoIt 60 min ago 8. HTML 5 2 hours ago 6. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. OK, I Understand.

Incest story game walkthrough

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