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Menu ULMF. Log in Register. Search titles only. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Sex Games. Live Sex Cams. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter SunsetRiders7 Start date Mar 7, gunsmoke games no dmca's allowed path of kings pok smokeshank sunsetriders7.

SunsetRiders7 Demon Girl. ed Jun 20, Messages 88 Reputation score The time has come to start showing ulmf what we have been working hard at for the last two months. Most of you know already that our new project moving forward is completely OC. With this change allows us to produce more content for the community to follow as development progresses. We now have an active YouTube channel, Trello public project management boardand plans for a demo. I plan on sharing all public gunsmoke games patreon for this project on ULMF moving forward.

So now on to our project. Vision Document This document is our ideas and sales pitch if you will on the project. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 30, Ryuukun Tentacle Monster. ed May 21, Messages Reputation score Putting a lot of hope in the game!

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ed Jul 24, Messages Reputation score Manamana Tentacle God. ed Sep 3, Messages Reputation score Dataslycer Cthulhu. ed Aug 25, Messages Reputation score FlyingChaosPie Jungle Girl. ed Nov 21, Messages 34 Reputation score Zodiark69 Tentacle God. ed Sep 26, Messages 1, Reputation score Are we a female only in this game? No male to play as, eh? Is it bad that I am getting Game of Thrones vibes from this? Zodiark69 said:. My one and only question.

Not bad at all! We are getting inspiration from lots of places. You can expect a little higher level of Fantasy than GOT. You really will not see your main character, although they will be male. All the companions will be female, and they are your main interaction throughout your ascension to the throne.

ed Sep 24, Messages 38 Reputation score 2.

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I'm not saying that's bad, but is that what it is? This sounds a lot like Slave Maker. Any news on this project? Re: Path of Kings Gunsmoke Games Sunsetriders7 It's being developed currently, although a different approach to the development is taking place. There won't be much public news till next month when we finalize a few things. Then we will share what has been going on and what to expect. Devious Dingbat Jungle Girl.

ed Aug 7, Messages 21 Reputation score 4. It looks really good, but it seems abandoned. ed Jun 12, Messages 85 Reputation score 6. So, what happened to this? NaoSoul Tentacle God. ed Feb 13, Messages Reputation score According to SunsetRiders7 patreonhere is some updates on the Path of Kings This is so SunsetRiders7 can concentrate on his parody work, i.

Something Unlimited. The preceding points were posted gunsmoke games patreon Patreon on August 8th, Hope that helps in keeping you up to date! NaoSoul said:. It isn't. The dev has another game, called Something Unlimited, which is currently the focus of his efforts I think. ed May 21, Messages 4 Reputation score 0.

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Any news?? You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre K. Seven Kings [Free Demo]. Keehu Jul 12, 2 3. Replies 55 Views 20K. Sep 28, gillenew.

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SunsetRiders7 Aug 19, 34 35 Replies Views K. Oct 2, revi. Mack''U Jun 1, Replies 13 Views 4K. Dec 19, Cupio. Jul 21, Hoboy. Replies 20 Views 14K.

Gunsmoke games patreon

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