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DeMarcus16 Member. Apr 12, Plenty of A-cups in Avenger's games. Game Developer. Nov 1, DeMarcus16 said:. Jan 14, Checking the games you listed: Coceter: Too big for my taste. Reactions: Human Machine Music. Nov 16, 1, 2, Buffalo Fred said:. Amen brother. At times I feel like maybe I'm just not the right "type" for sex games, I find oversized breasts to be more silly than hot.

Been surprised at how rare it is to see normal sized boobs in these games. I hope soldier's life will start having actual scenes. Also to add to the list, The adventures of Tara - the protagonist, Tara, has relatively normal breasts. I think you'd like it. Reactions: mickydoo and Palanto. I just played Coceter for the first time yesterday and fell in love with the small breast, but I hear they changed the breast size girls breasts games complaints.

In the version I played though, there's three girls with breasts like these Its hard enough finding good adult games, then on top of that narrowing it down to small breast has become a big problem. Reactions: Human Machine Music and Palanto.

Lupino New Member. Dec 5, 6 Sorry for replying to this ancient post, but I also like the smaller kind of breasts and find it hard to find games that feature them. Pusooy's Games are quite good in that regard.

However, i have no idea if they can be found here. Reactions: i Jan 6, 63 Thought about making a new thread with this exact question - anyone found any other games? My recommendation would be Chloe Jun 1, My game has a variety of breast sizes in it.

Most are between B and C. It is text based and full of fetishes though, so it may not be your thing. WhitePhantom Active Member Donor. Feb 21, 1, My game has four girls with small boobs, they're all leaving high-school so and are A-B cups I'd say. Got some big boobs too, but you can pick who you go after and ignore those ones entirely if you wish. It's quite early in development though. You must be registered to see the links. Mr Thick Newbie Game Developer. Feb 16, 93 If you're looking for realistic girls and stories I suggest my own game.

The models are human like, with flaws and a personality. If you feel like giving it a try, check You must be registered to see the links. Please give me more suggestions I kinda wish this site had a 'small breast' tag, we have one for big breasts Reactions: Human Machine Music and k8pohni. Human Machine Music Member. Apr 18, I am also girls breasts games fan of smaller breasts not completely flat!

I like medium sized breasts as well, but smaller ones have such a nice shape and are underrepresented.

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They look elegant and subtle. I like that. Big breasts I am not a big fan of. The pixie in Long live the Princess has perfect breasts in my opinion. I hope more developers think about more diversity in this regard. Also I find it weird that the older a character the larger the boobs in many games, as if the boobs would grow the whole life — where are the MILFs with small breasts? That is a gap in the market! But I guess that's a too easy trope in adult visual novels.

By the way the mentioned game has quite a lot characters with small to medium sized breasts and only few with big ones IIRC. Dunno if this game was mentioned before, but it's a nice and very funny game as well. Story is interesting, too. From the developer called Belle like the name of the pixie in this game.

Oct 9, Slice of Venture? HStutor I already played a while ago and liked, thanks for the recommendation. Most Japanese loli games have girls that are girls breasts games young for my tastes. Plus most games aren't translated, and after reading too many MTL'd lightnovels I no longer want to rely on translation software. Reactions: Maethir. Feb 24, Reactions: Human Machine Music and Maethir. Maethir Member. Jul 28, BadRobt New Member.

Girls breasts games

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