Gay text adventure game

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Offline Version - Best Way to Play! Latest Version of Quest - Required to play offline! Online Version. Pokemon Rainbow is a gay text adventure focused entirely on meeting and getting it on with a wide variety of male pokemon. All scenes can be checked beforehand with the Kink Scope. If you have kinks that you are uncomfortable or disgusted by, I recommend checking before indulging!

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Social Networks. Online Version Welcome! This is a continuation of Pokemon Sex Game, just with a better name and a bit of a plot! For search result reasons, here's every pokemon you can find! Gay text adventure game beloved son 3. Frank Star's Deepest Desires:. Kiing Darius 2 years ago 0. Oh boy. I'll be sure to come back to this after work this evening. This game has always been good fun in the past.

I cant find mewtwo ScruffyMusk 2 years ago 0. Go back to the professor with around 5 dna markers. You can't get shadow mewtwo and mewtwo in the same game. Darkrevenge7 2 years ago 0. MadeInHeaven 2 years ago 0. Glad to see this project is still going! And what a massive update, we got! I can safely say this was a huge step in the right direction. I haven't checked everything-- But from what I've seen, I already am In love with this new polish of the Ol' pokemon sex game. I eagerly wait to see what comes next.

And if I had to make a wishlist, it would be a super submissive TF, a transformation where, as the name implies, the player becomes very, very submissive for other pokemon if the Dusk Lycan is the super-dominant one, which the player is an 'alpha',it would be the opposite of this. The closest we had of a submissive one was the mightyena TFtogether with maybe a few more interactions and special scenes, with each TF and body choice changing something- but since this is a work in progress,the lack of more scenes is more than understandable, duh.

Overall, nice job on this one, Scruffy. You got me on the Hype train for a possible new update. Keep up the good work, thanks and cheers! ScruffyMusk 2 years ago 1. Wow thank you so much! I love the idea of a more submissive tf for the player, I think I have a good idea. NoXVZhuusox 2 years ago 0. I change into a wartortle and gained the ability to breath underwater but I can't seem to access that area anymore in this version of the game.

Mind explaining that? Ugh what did I screw up now. Sorry about that, I'll fix it immediately.

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I cannot recreate this bug using any of the methods of transformation. That is a bit of a bummer. Thanks for doing this.

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Was awesome to play! Found after a while what to do, i was being an idiot. Inferno 2 years ago 0. This sounds very fun! Wish i could find a way to get it to work on my android phone???? Idk 2 years ago 0. How do you get shadow mewtwo and what happens.

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Ganny 2 years ago 0. Unless I'm mistaken? It was removed. Might be replaced at a later time. This was really neat, the Lycanroc TF and the scene with midnight as it are probably my favorite ones so far. Is 10 transformations the maximum you can get in one playthrough btw? Was tough to tell if I'd gotten all of them. Zatian 2 years ago 0. It's awesome to play! Go to mightyena in the dark woods. How do you get lopunny and machoke? Zoroardic 2 years ago 0. I seen to be having a problem playing online, there is a point where the game just don't accept anymore commands.

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I don't know it if is because it reaches a word limit at some point. Larryc 2 years ago 0. Is there any way to play this on android? JustLenny 1 year ago 0. What are all the pokemon with watersports? Furrypisslover 1 year ago 0. Add piss images to watersports scenes please I like your game but I want see piss scenes in this game. Gosame 7 months ago 0. Not sure if this is getting any more support or not but just found it, not sure if the dna samples are supposed to collect automatically or not, but cannot figure out for the life of me how to get them.

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ScruffyMusk 7 months ago 1. Transform into a pokemon and then talk to the professor. Second question, is the transformation supposed to be automatic, I cant tell if im oblivious or not but it doesn't seem to want to change into a pokemon.

I might be missing something but I was just running the various scenes.

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This is on the online version if you needed to check. Edit : I was just oblivious, nevermind! Support Tickets User search Character search. Site StatsUsers 1, Submissions 2, Comments.

Gay text adventure game

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