Futa on male games

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Aug 28, I've seen a lot of games with futa content, but almost all have a female as partner, or the futa in the receiving end. I like to see what options have us that want our males in the receiving end for a change. Last edited: Jul 31, Woider Well-Known Member. Aug 26, 4, 24 Denmark. Just everything Futa on Male, or are there some more specific fetishes you're after?

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Yes, dom futa on male. I'd like to play games that tend more on the furry side, but I gladly play anyone with dom futa content. Do you have links? Coalsack said:. Click to expand MotoKuchoma Well-Known Member.

Nov 3, Tales of Androgyny by Majalis on itch. While still on the horizon, Darktoz wants to create Futa Stuff for his upcoming games. Night Games has Eve and if you play the Mod Version, it has a start where all the girls are Futa made by me. Strive for Power and Free Cities have potential Futa on Male i believe, fairly certain about the former, FC is very eeeeeehhhhh about gender. MotoKuchoma said:. Free Cities. From I heard of Futadom, is doesn't exactly fits the concept of a 'good' game, specially when talking about its writing quality. Woider said:. Then the search continues, it seems.

Mar 25, 3 0 Seeds of Chaos has one scene with futa on male so far. More will be added as the game is made. I didn't play it, but I recall Roundscape Adorevia had mentioned something about a futa populated desert way back when they started out, does anyone know if it has futa on male? With cheat engine you can completely block out any TFs you don't like although the game does already give you some leeway to block out unwanted TFs but not completely so. I suggest cheat engine for leisure because the dev has a roguelike mindset about the game and doesnt want players to have an easy time playing.

Aug 28, 1, Trap Quest is one of those games that you really shouldn't play unless you're into the content. The whole point is that you don't know what's going to happen to you and you're suppose to lose. Grenish Meadows is a short interactive story you can get through in about an hour about a shy guy learning about sex from a futa monster girl. I also started another text game that has the player being turned into a boytoy for a bunch of magically inclined amazons, which includes some futas you can be sexed by.

It might not be your futa on male games of tea, but here's a link too. Pazz Active Member. May 27, 36 6. I tried to play Trap Quest for futa on male content. But even with cheat engine, it was a bit of a chore to unlock.

I wouldn't recommend that game, unless you also like transformation. Tales of Androgyny is nice, but it also contains lots of gay content, which isn't my thing. The protagonist is a trap. But once you're there, you good to go. Nothing major like you have to do in Trap Quest. Nov 24, 38 4 Pazz said:. Can you give a name of cheat engine and some hints about using it in this kind of futa on male games Never tried them. I've tried Liliths Throne and it's pretty decent, though the sex scenes mechanics are a bit tiring and get boresome after a while.

Reactions: RyanCrossby. Hellmonkey Member. Jul 25, 20 1. I don't want to start a new thread since my question is similiar. I'm looking for the reverse pretty much, male on futa content. I figure the OPs question is similiar so best to piggyback the clutter the board. Sep 7, Hellmonkey said:. Tried futaworld or somethign like that? Reactions: Hellmonkey. TheDarkMaster said:. That's the opposite of what he's asking for. He's asking for games with maledom futasub or where the guy pitches.

Yeah, and I did try it, it was pretty much exact opposite of what I was looking for. Dec 18, 17 5. May 19, Somehow this is the first I'm hearing of this Futaworld. Is it a site or a game? I got confused, meant this:.

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Last edited: Sep 5, Seems we need more games being the MC a "futa". Jul 21, 51 76 Orange Juice Jones said:. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Futa on male games

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Futa on male games