Furry hotel game

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Cumming Hotel A Gay Furry Slice of Life allows you to control two characters at a time and earn money for naughty Acts which you will perform. The game is an adventurous game based on the slice of life. It is related to a couple who are managing their hotel in order to earn enough money so that they can pay the last installment of their business. The game allows you to perform specific actions in accordance with the days in a week.

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However, you have to play with two characters at a time. In the day time, you will play with Bruce who is a manager taking care of the wide range of aspects of hotel-like choosing the menu, serving the clients, and hiring employees.

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On the other hand, at night time you have to play with Kyle who is a spider guy and will explore the horny tower. It is a giant palace where each floor has horny monsters and a naughty curse. Here your main objective is to earn K rupees of money before the 31st day in order to pay your business installment on the first day of the upcoming week i. With two types of characters, features the gameplay is also of two types.

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The gameplay is two types and is relatively different for day time and night time. The Horny tower featured in the game has different horny curses and the game allows you to explore both. You can also perform monster sex in the game by interacting with the characters of the game.

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Cumming Hotel – A Gay Furry Slice of Life PC