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I'm on PS4. From what I see online the only way to do it is going through quick play. Anyone know if there's a way to play HC on the free trial? Last trial you could, can't find a way on this one. If so, lemme know I would like to play some hardcore nuketown before the trial ends haha! So I guess the only way I can play HC is going into a lobby with friends who have the full version of the game just putting that out there for anyone who is also wondering.

During the last free trial I didn't have the game. Ok so I'll try and explain this and hope it still works as I have purchased the game since. On the playlist select screen on your free trial, if you go to the top of the list and press up one free hardcore game time it will look as if nothing on screen is selected but you will have heard the menu sound effect as if you were over something.

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Press x or a and it will take you to the quickplay menu. A quick RB will take you to hardcore menu. I really hope this works still and made sense. I did not see almost any other ppl with the trial placard in hardcore lobbies. There were a few but not very many ppl knew about this I don't think. Edit: I know it was a glitch so I'm hoping for you that they didn't fix it. I think I remember it putting you on the "ghost" quickplay playlist if you hit R1 L1 to switch between the create a class and play screens if free hardcore game didn't hit anything.

Like if it looks like nothing is selected just hit x and see if anything pops up. Unfortunately, at the top is now a "daily challenges" to select and change, so I don't get the same thing as you did. Doesn't seem to work anymore. Not sure about characters, but we can unlock and level up guns that transfer over to warzone.

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I didn't have the M16 before, started playing with it tonight on cold war, and now it's unlocked, with attachments, on the other game. So it's possible that you might be able to unlock characters too. Can I play hardcore game modes on the free trial? Posted by 5 months ago.

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Reply Share. You can only play Core in the free trials, it's locket. Continue this thread. More posts from the blackopscoldwar community. Created Dec 12, Back to Top.

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