Depraved awakening game

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You play as a washed-up gumshoe just trying to get by when one of your clients is found dead. The police believe it was suicide, but as you dig deeper you realize that far more is at play. As you follow the case you will be introduced to many different individuals.

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Decide wisely how you interact with them. It could be the difference of a bullet to the head or a long passionate night with a beautiful lady.

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Depraved Awakening is a story focused on an adult visual novel. The choices you make, whether they are big or small will have an impact on how the adventure will unfold. With each choice leading to a myriad of different endings.

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Do, you play as the righteous detective just trying to find the truth, or do you let your inner demons take over. As you dig into your investigation you will come across a wide array of characters, each with their own personalities and backgrounds for you to explore. Some may be willing allies, others tricking you with deceit. Best to tread carefully. With hours of content on a single playthrough and multiple branching paths, there is much to explore.

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Depraved awakening game

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