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Wednesday, 14 July Degrees of Lewdity version 0. This update adds community service as an alternative punishment for criminals. It also adds Robin to history class, and shenanigans to the pool changing rooms, among other events and features. The town's police have been sentencing criminals to the pillory since version 0. It was always meant as the moderate punishment. The prison will handle hardened criminals, but I wanted something for the other end of the scale as well.

Community service might sound less dangerous than the pillory, but degrees of lewdness game can put the PC in vulnerable situations if they're incautious or unfortunate. The pool lockers can now be raided once a certain pervert makes the PC an offer. Mason keeps a close watch though. Stealing too much could have consequences.

Robin will defend the PC during history class if they're able. I increased the likelihood of the pillory event triggering to compensate, but history class will still be less dangerous if they're present. Particularly if they're feeling confident.

Running the farm should be a bit easier. The fields can now be irrigated, and produce sold in bulk. Clearing the first three fields is faster as well. Deviant PCs can now show off their horse at the brothel, an option I wanted to include last update, but pushed back for time.

Thanks to Whatifcatsare for setting up a survey about how DoL is played, and about what people want to see in the future.

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It's been a while since the last, and this one is much more involved. Aside degrees of lewdness game the prison, we have the new named student coming up. I'm already thinking about this year's Halloween update as well. Download normal version. Text only version. Android version. Less prolific criminals will now be sentenced to community service instead of the pillory. Robin now attends history class with the PC. Written in collaboration with Harcher. Added a bodywriting event to the pillory punishment. Added a low level skulduggery option to the school.

Becomes available about a week into the game. Added a scene with Mason to the changing rooms. Added a horse show to the brothel. You need to supply your own horse. Alex's farm now has its own location images. Art courtesy of mochi. Thanks to hedpets. Added a way to remove bindings in your bedroom at Alex's cottage. Added "underwear stolen", "sentenced with community service", and "sentenced with the pillory" to the statistics overlay. Added a few beast bodywriting lines, and several lines for criminal PCs. Criminal lines reduce trust when read.

Added the retro top, utility degrees of lewdness game, utility vest with shirt, retro trousers, and retro shorts to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of namelessone. Added the monster hoodie, school swim top and school swim bottoms to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of lifeAnime. Added a keyhole dress to the clothing shop. Art, including the icon, courtesy of Harto. Added new images for larger breast sizes to the chest window. Art courtsey of sseshess. Boobjobs are now displayed in the chest window for the remaining sizes.

Art courtesy of sseshess. Added icons for swimming, walking, and running to the forest, moor, park and beach. Also added icons for the lake, the orphanage flower patch, beds, and wardrobes. Art courtesy of anon. Added new art for cycle shorts, breeches, cowboy chaps, gym bloomers, jeans, denim shorts, khakis, sailor shorts, sailor trousers, school shorts, school trousers, shorts, sweatpants, and trousers.

Includes damage variants and icons. Art courtesy of Anon. Added booty jorts to the clothing shop. You can now turn yourself in at the police station for a reduced sentence. Added scenes that trigger when the PC turns up very late to swimming class, within the last ten minutes. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse. The market inventory can now display more information, and displays as a table. The information available depends on maths skill.

Added an event to the town's streets. Thanks to note leven for a change that should make development easier. Added an option to skip the spoiler warning in the Extra Stats menu. Thanks to hwp. Adjusted the sidebar layout to make better use of space. Thanks to note leven. Added the "defined curl" sides hairstyle. Art courtesy of Koko. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse for code improvements. Improved the code at Eden's cabin. Improved error reporting. Thanks to aimozg. Added a development tool.

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New renderer features that can be used to generate special effects in the future. Thanks to aimozg, with help from hwp. Added code that allows the PC's hair to be properly encased in clothing, and applied it to the hoodie hood. Thanks to hwp for refactoring combat code, and other code improvements. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse for refactoring the school changing room code. Improved the code responsible for the school schedule. Thanks to note leven for other code improvements. Thanks to aNotNiceMouse for code improvements. Thanks to note leven for making the image files take up less space.

Eden now has a chance to come onto you while you're fixing their cabin. Eden now has a chance to come onto you while you're making breakfast. You can now seduce Eden while dancing. If you've made soap, you can now use it while bathing Eden. If you've made salves, you can now use them degrees of lewdness game massaging Eden.

Eden can now be injured while hunting as a one-time event. Written in collaboration with krystalwithak. You can now sell produce in bulk on Harvest Street. You can now masturbate in Alex's shower. Added a means to capture lurkers during farm events. Allows you to sleep naked in either bed at Alex's farm.

The ear slime can now prevent the PC from wearing anything when sleeping at Alex's farm. Entering the opposite sex changing room while crossdressing will now increase arousal. Stress will also increase if the PC has a reputation for crossdressing.

Alex's breakfasts now reduce fatigue. Remy will no longer remove existing tattoos when you pass out while a prisoner at their estate.

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Studying in class while waiting for lesson to begin will now increase understanding proportional to the time spent. Sleeping naked or only wearing underwear, pajamas or eerie accessories now further reduces fatique. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe. Watching a stray cat chase a leaf now reduces stress.

Degrees of lewdness game

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