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It used to be difficult to find porn content online. Sites with images and videos were rare and hidden, and you either needed to know someone who knew a website, or you were stuck surfing the web for hours on end to catch a glimpse of exposed breasts. Thankfully, now, porn sites are not only everywhere but are also incredibly well-known and popular. All you need to do is visit any of these sites and you are smacked in the face with a new wave of porn content that is added daily. The same goes for porn games!

When I first wanted to play porn games, just on the tender cusp of 18 years old, it was almost impossible to find some. They were either difficult to best game on nutaku, required payment of some kind, or were so bad that they failed to turn me on completely. This, too, is a thing of the past. Hell, end with Nutaku, too.

If you want to be a casual porn game player, Nutaku is really all you need in your life. Nutaku is a porn game paradise. Best game on nutaku readers on this blog know that my girl and I play porn games together. Sometimes at the same time, sometimes separately, depending on how much free time we have. It has games for everyone, regardless of their sexual preferences, and both of us can find ones that work for us. I daresay that the cutesy, pink-filled de of many games here is more appealing to the female population than the male.

Ah, this is the best part! More on that in a later section. Each one has some type of premium currency that will help you move quicker through the storyline, but you are under no obligation to use that to enjoy the game to the fullest. Some games cost money to download and play. That being said, I think I can make your decision-making process easier with this extensive list of games that you should check out first. Browser games are ones that you open in your browser, to put it simply. Some browser games are meant only for the computer, while some are also optimized for mobile phones.

Here are some of the best Nutaku browser games:. Chick Wars is a turn-based battle game set in a fantasy world. In it, you play Adam, an anime hero with white hair and a buff body who is in charge of defending a kingdom from evil wizards and monsters. You do this by participating in battles and developing strategies on how to defeat your opponents.

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The porn artwork is out of this world, as well. Similarly to Chick Wars, best game on nutaku can play Harem Heroes in several different places: on Nutaku, on the official website of the game studio, Kinkoid, and there are also other versions of the game, such as Gay Harem, which is the same game but with male on male action. This is a visual-novel style game with some interesting PvP battle elements.

In Harem Heroes, you enter the world of Haremverse, where you need to build your harem of girls who will help you triumph over your enemies. You can choose to follow the highly explicit story, to level up your girls, or to participate in any of events and contests that the game offers regularly.

Never a dull moment in Harem Heroes! This is an RPG clicker game, meaning that you click on monsters to slay them. Fap Titans is, unfortunately, not that exception. However, Fap Titans also comes with a solid collection of porn images for you to feast on. The artwork is not as high in quality as in some other games, but it gets the job done. Fake Lay gives you an opportunity to disguise yourself as a filmmaker, a taxi driver, a casting agent, a masseur or any other profession that allows you to seduce hot young babes.

You can take explicit pictures of them, shoot movies best game on nutaku them, and of course, unlock dirty smut scenes along the way. Fap CEO is your chance to build a video-streaming empire. It goes without saying that being your employee comes with some interesting erotic perks. I like the tycoon style of this game, even though the de and artwork are a little immature at times.

Automatically, this puts an interesting spin on a standard type of gameplay. Given that Hentai Clicker is made by the same studio as Harem Heroes, you find yourself back in Haremverse, which is in a bit of trouble: a Mist has descended on it, preventing all girls from reaching orgasm. It is up to you and your insane clicking abilities to save them! Project QT comes with a sci-fi premise, with a complex story that includes a black hole, a space virus, and a portal to another dimension. On your journey, you meet various monster girls — eight of them, to be exact — and you get to have all sorts of sexy fun with them.

The smut scenes in this game are animated and feature Japanese voiceover.

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This is easily one of my favorite games on Nutaku. The artwork is insanely good and consistent, which I appreciate, and some of the sex scenes are even interactive. You can choose how hard or how fast you want to go by clicking on the screen during the scene. Overall, a unique experience that you must try out at least once. In this dating simulation, in order to help Andriella, a mermaid-turned-girl, you need to take out as many girls as you best game on nutaku and have sex with them.

The setting of this story is a coastal city, with the central place being the Naughty Beach. Not going to lie, I enjoy a solid dating sim or two. They may not be as engaging as some other types of games, like RPGs or turn-battles, but I like the idea of getting to know a fictional girl and impressing her so that I can see her naked. Booty Calls offers a variety of body types for you to explore, and the sex scenes will leave you wanting for nothing. The sex scenes in Soul Senki are that explicit hentai type that you know and love, and you get to meet over 50 girls!

Each of these girls has her own set of sex scenes to go through, with multiple positions for each one. In Pocket Waifu, you encounter a succubus — a best game on nutaku in the form of an attractive girl — who is more than willing to charm other girls so that you can have sex with them. Much as the title says, essentially, it is like having a pocket wife. Another option that features a succubus, in 7 Angels the erotic demon is not as kind as in Pocket Waifu.

In fact, this succubus curses you to the deepest pits of hell, out of which you can only hope to come out if you seduce seven angels and have sex with them, thus becoming a veritable Sex God. The gameplay is in the style of a visual novel, where your choices can determine the outcome of the story, and there are also some mini-games to win in order to advance.

Yes, the name of this game is quite a mouthful. This is, in fact, the Moist Edition of Crush Crush, where you take the story to the next level. It is a dating sim where you need to impress the Crush Crush girls by earning promotions, making more money, and buying them better gifts.

Crush Crush is too cutesy to me, with the girls being way too anime.

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Some of them are even going into the loli territory, which for me, was never really a thing. Keep in mind that downloadable games on Nutaku cost money and are not free to play as most browser and mobile games are. This game is a visual novel with multiple endings and over 25 hours of reading time.

The story is set in a fantasy world where you choose whether you want to romance a succubus, a female knight, a princess, or a noblewoman. It was written by a widely acclaimed world-builder and deed to be filled with huge boobs. The downside to Funbag Fantasy is that the game costs a pretty penny. It is arguably the most expensive game in this review. Hilzartov Fairy is a casual visual novel game where you stumble upon a fairy in your garden. She is guarding what is called a rainbow fruit, and it is your job to get to know more about this fairy and take care of her at the same time.

She is tiny yet feisty, and the game offers some incredible physically impossible sex scenes. This is a dating simulation spiced with shooting bubbles, and the main goal here is to sleep with lots of gorgeous babes. Thanks to the power of a matchmaking service, you can hook best game on nutaku with different women and explore their busty figures…. Hentai Crush is cheap and has decent enough artwork. As you might assume from the title of this game, it has something to do with sexy maids. In fact, in Custom Order Maid, you inherit the ownership of the Empire Club, where attractive maids are tasked to entertain the guests in many different yet enticing ways.

However, the Empire Club is in debt, and you and the few remaining maids need to rebuild it to its former glory. One of the fascinating features of this game is that it is optimized for a VR heet. Thanks to a special DLC you can download, if you have a heet, you can enjoy the sex scenes in this game as though you are actually right in the middle of them. One step closer to full VR sex!

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It is a story about five musicians who form bonds and relationships, and their stories are told in the style of a visual novel. I would say too expensive for how little porn you get, especially with how tame that porn is. In this sci-fi RPG, you play the captain of a spaceship meant to explore the mysterious depths of the cosmos.

With an interesting blend of visual novel storytelling and open-world exploration, you get to decide what missions you want to take on, where you want to go, and who you want to spend more time with.

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Starlight Drifter is less hentai than most games in this review. In another sci-fi story, Cockwork Industries is a facility shrouded in mystery where people can get their bodies altered. You play Dwayne, a regular fella who suddenly gets invited to visit this curious place. Cockwork Industries is a 3D point-and-click adventure with some dating simulation elements thrown in. The 3D animation is unbelievably smooth, and I love the kinkiness of some of the sex scenes.

Best game on nutaku

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