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Magnet link if anyone can't access the. Torrent file for some reason. Edit: I recommend using Tixati as a torrent client. Never needed anything other than a magnet link to download stuff and by far the best client I've found. Searches DHT for you even when using. I remember a very interesting flash game that I'm unable to find again. Maybe by telling you guys It was a board game like.

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Each player starts in a corner with a blob, or creature. Each turn you reproduce to one square, but if you had two or more around, you'd reproduce more times or squares. If you try to reproduce over the other player, his would convert to your colour in chain reaction. You needed some strategy to win the game making the rival completely disappear. If they're still around, be sure to fire up your favorite Flash game sites to make a list of your nostalgia faves so you can look them up someday in an archive like this. Holy shoot, I'm gonna need to bust out my 2TB external hard drive for this.

I wish someone had done this for a lot of those old Cartoon Network flash games from back in the day. Cartoon Network, Nick, candystand and nabisco world. I checked the list and candystand is indeed on there. Looks like I'm staying up for a few hours. That Billy and Mandy game where you have to hit the correct arrow keys in order Posted by 1 year ago. Sort by: best.

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View discussions in 14 other communities. Continue this thread. Or image quality? Oh we have famous reddit hug of death. Reddit hug of death y'all. I've been waiting for something like this. So much history. More posts from the technology community.

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Best flash game reddit

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Reddit, what are some great web/flash games to kill time?