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By offering a fully fledged pose editor and utilizing advanced technologies such as procedural animation and real-time dynamic mesh morphing, the project is aiming to create an unprecedented level of interactivity and detail in the form of an interactive sex application. Yiffalicious can be considered as an erotic furry game where you get to control various furry characters having sex, all made with a very detailed and realistic looking 3D graphics. There is an antelope, bunny, giraffe, rhino, horse and a wolf character and you can mix and match them in female and male configurations as much as you like, then control the sex action and play with the camera as much as you like.

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We also found this awesome sex cam site to check that out for lots of free sex cams. Yiff is a slang word used in the Furry fandom with a large variety of meanings with the most common one referring to sexual intercourse between furries. Yiffalicious comes with multiple furry characters both female and male and allows you to mix and match them to have sex in various places and poses, there are also a lot of predefined scenarios available for you to choose from with the different characters engaged in different sex configurations.

Yiffalicious is distributed freely, so you can download and try the latest version yourself, the further development is entirely dependent on donations, so if you like it you can help supporting it.

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