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While smoking we discussed our strategy for tomorrow which boiled down to... avoid Ricky, and no more antagonizing him if one of us does run into him. Chubby may or may not go to work tomorrow after school, he'll see how he feels about it nxxn then. xnxx mom Chubby referred to me as "his hero" all evening, but xxnn in a sarcastic way. I know he felt self conscious about me seeing him getting ready to be finger fucked by Ricky... also, Chubby much indian xnxx prefers being in the savior role like he was in my fight with Miguel. You know, that role rather than xnxx india the damsel-in-distress xnxx hindi role, but who doesn't? I didn't counter his sarcastic attitude because Chubby's self image is taking a terrible hit lately and I don't want to do anything that makes it worse. In that regard I not only didn't contradict his sarcasm, xnxx indian I was also kinda deferential to him all evening, letting him make the choices of when we ate, studied, etc... 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